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A Strong Ally For Landowners In Eminent Domain Disputes

Under federal eminent domain laws, a government entity (or quasi-government entity such as a power company) has the right to seize privately owned land through a process known as condemnation. This process is allowed as long as the seizure advances the “public good” and the entity pays a fair price for the land. But who determines what is in the public good? And what is a fair dollar amount for the land? These questions and more are often the subject of complex legal disputes between public entities and landowners.

At the Evans Law Firm, our attorneys stand squarely on the side of Georgia landowners. With headquarters in Cartersville, our law firm has extensive experience challenging eminent domain condemnation actions for landowners throughout Georgia.

Protecting Your Land And Money

We will craft a legal strategy designed to maximize your ownership interests and the value of your land. Depending upon the circumstances, this may include:

  • Disputing the legality of the condemnation
  • Demonstrating the condemnation is not in the public’s interests
  • Negotiating for the highest dollar value for the land
  • Demonstrating that power lines or other structures will devalue the surrounding land

Our condemnation law attorneys are experienced in defending property owners faced with loss of land or value through eminent domain. We provide committed and aggressive representation to private property owners throughout Georgia who are faced with condemnation actions by public utilities such as Georgia Power, the Georgia Transmission Commission (GTC), the Georgia Department of Transportation (GDOT) and others.

Speak With A Landowners Rights Attorney

If your land is under threat due to an eminent domain condemnation action in Georgia, we are here to provide you with knowledgeable guidance and skilled advocacy. To arrange a consultation with an experienced eminent domain attorney in Cartersville, contact our law offices online or by telephone at 770-884-6333.