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Is A Power Line Infringing On Your Property?

Power lines can significantly spoil good land, devaluing it and creating hazards for the people who dwell there. If a public entity (or quasi-public entity such as a power company) is seeking to infringe upon your land for the purposes of building power lines, you don’t have to accept the outcome without a fight. You have rights and the attorneys at the Evans Law Firm are here to protect them. With law offices in Cartersville, we are trusted allies for landowners throughout Georgia. We never represent the public entities seizing land. We are squarely on the side of landowners.

The Harm Power Lines Inflict On Good Land

Electric power lines present property owners with many unpleasant realities. An electric transmission or distribution line easement devalues the land it crosses and makes the land inappropriate for many types of development. The presence of an electric power line often reduces the value of surrounding land in percentage amounts ranging from 15% to 60%. Land burdened by a power line generally sells for less than other similar properties and takes far longer to sell. The economic consequences for a property owner can be catastrophic.

High voltage electric transmission and distribution lines create electromagnetic fields that extend far beyond the recognizable edge of any easement. Electricity often escapes from the electric lines and travels through the ground between the poles and electric substations. The high voltage lines will produce buzzing sounds and unpleasant odors. These factors create health risks and reduce property values.

Your Trees Are Your Trees

In power line disputes, the public entity often seeks to cut down or trim the branches off of a landowner’s trees. Trees are an invaluable asset whose value should not be understated. In many cases, the trees in question do not even pose a real risk. It is simply easier for the power company to cut them down or sheer off limbs than to work around them. We understand the value of trees and will do everything in our power to help you save yours, or receive the highest possible dollar amount if they must be taken from you.

Get The Legal Help You Need

To learn how our attorneys can help you with power line disputes and other eminent domain issues, call our law offices at 770-884-6333 or reach us online.