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What Our Clients Are Saying

Having received the name of Don Evans with Evans Law Firm from a friend I did call them to seek some help with Marietta Water Department. Through a few emails we were able to conclude the matter to my satisfaction, but probably not the city. If you have any legal property questions please call them

– James Jones

My husband and I engaged Mr. Evans to help us with a complicated property dispute. Other attorneys had discouraged us, as the opposing side had unlimited funds and a prominent name in the area. But Mr. Evans immediately found details in our deed to support our case and quickly let their attorney know that we would not be bullied. He has been remarkably patient and friendly, and he was interested in learning everything about our long, personal history with the land. We feel so fortunate to know him, and to have had his legal help.

– Susan Harris and Jimmy Armstrong

December 2021

For the average citizen, the confrontation with eminent domain confiscation of their property causes extreme anxiety, fear, and even terror. The fact that there is a legal process where private property may be taken against the wishes of the legal owner is repugnant to most people. We recently were confronted by this problem, but are pleased to relate how a very positive outcome through the help of Don Evans was obtained. Don is a phenomenal person. He has not only a great legal knowledge, but thinks creatively regarding strategy to achieve the desired end result. In our case he determined a process to cause a power line transmission company to back off their plan to put an 80-foot power pole in our back yard. Without reservation, I can and do recommend Don Evans for help in legal matters.

– Don and Evelyn

We have worked with the Evans’ Law Firm (no relations) on three different occasions. Don brings a great deal of knowledge to the cases and always has ideas that we would not think of on our side.

He has allowed us to maximize the amount we have been able to receive from the agency that is disrupting the use of our property, and when they have taken part of our land.  As unpleasant as it is, having to go through the condemnation process, he has represented us well and has fought for us the entire way. He has been great to work with and we recommend him to anyone who has to go through that process.

– Calvin Evans

My personal experience with the Evans Law firm is as follows: After several years of anguish dealing with the defendant in my case and many conversations with other attorneys in the area, the Evans Law Firm stepped up and successfully handled my case with a very satisfactory settlement. I would encourage anyone needing legal services to contact the Evans Law Firm.

– Randall Fox