Evans & Rhodes, LLC Negotiates $650,000 Settlement In High Voltage Electric Transmission Line Case

On Behalf of | May 25, 2017 | Uncategorized

A property owner in western Coweta Co. agreed to a $650,000 settlement with Georgia Transmission Corporation (GTC). GTC condemned the property in order to construct a high voltage electric transmission line that crossed the client’s property. Three large towers were to be placed on the property and lines were to run adjacent to the property owner’s house. Based on favorable finding at the special master hearing, Evans & Rhodes, LLC was able to negotiate the $650,000 settlement. Additionally, Evans & Rhodes, LLC negotiated the easement to limit the taking to only property that is allowed to be taken under eminent domain vs. extraneous property that GTC and others often include in the settlement. It is important to limit these extraneous takings in order to protect future possible intrusion on your property.