Month: May 2017

Pool Business Settles For $750,000

A pool business in Cartersville, GA settled with Georgia Department of Transportation (GDOT) for $750,000. By condemning two-thirds of the site, including all of the display area, GDOT’s condemnation would have left the site unfit for continued use as a high-end...

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New Pipelines Fuel Fights Over Property

Oil and gas boom fuels increase in pipelines and eminent domain fights Moreland — The nation’s oil and gas boom brings cheaper fuel, and real heartache, to thousands of Georgia families who benefit from, or suffer alongside, the thousands of miles of...

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2 Land-Grab Cases, 2 Losses For GA. Power

The power company condemned seven acres of the Atlanta couple’s property along a ridge where the Joneses were planning to erect vacation cabins. Then utility loggers began clear-cutting forest in sight of the couple’s newly built lodge, said their Cartersville...

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