Gas Pipeline Planned For Georgia; Evans And Rhodes, LLC Attorney Explains Public Use

On Behalf of | May 25, 2018 | Uncategorized

Atlanta Gas Light (AGL) is planning a pipeline to run through Coweta Co. among other locations in Georgia. Evans and Rhodes, LLC represents land owners along the planed pipeline corridor. According to the article, “AGL has laid 33,000 miles of pipelines across Georgia. It’s adding nearly 50 miles of pipe in Coweta, Forsyth, northern Gwinnett and Hall counties. The distribution company and an Oklahoma firm are also lining up easements for a 111-mile line from Coweta to Dalton along metro Atlanta’s western flank.”

In order to condemn land under eminent domain, AGL and other condemning authorities must prove a public use. As Camp points out in the article, “The power companies, railroads or pipeline companies, under Georgia’s system, exclusively decide what is public use.” “It’s a real uphill battle for Georgia landowners to make a showing that it’s not really in the public interest to have that project.”

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