Make sure you seek compensation for unfair changes to the roadways

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It’s just the truth that the government will have to work on the roads at one time or another, but if you run a business that has an entryway blocked by that roadwork, it can be infuriating. Not only are you looking at changes that could impact your business, you now have fewer people coming to see you because your driveway is blocked by workers and machinery.

New clients might drive past your location and opt to go elsewhere because of the construction. Changes to road patterns may make it much harder to get into your business’s parking lot, meaning that some potential shoppers may pass you up in lieu of a location that is easier to get to.

If the government expands into your parking lot to make the roads wider, then you could have a whole different set of issues, such as not having space for all of the customers who want to park there or having to remove signs that you already had in place.

Roadwork can, and often does, have a negative impact on business owners

Roadwork does tend to have an impact on businesses, even if the construction team is able to leave space for people to enter. If your business doesn’t have two entrances or exits, blocking your entryway for even a day could mean thousands in losses.

Business losses have to be considered when a new project is planned, but they’re often overlooked. Any action that hinders the ability for your clients to get to you should be addressed, and the project director needs to think about how you’ll be compensated for that negative impact.

How can an attorney help with your case?

Trying to represent yourself and your business when you want to argue for or against certain traffic control measures, changes to the roadway and other changes that could impact your business can be difficult. Your attorney has experience in this field and knows what it takes to help business owners who face real losses as a result of changes to the roadways. It’s fair to seek compensation, and that’s what your attorney can help you do.